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Yahoo Groups: Squidward Fans

SpongeBuddy Mania

United Spongebob

The Ripped Pants Website

The Mermalair

Oh Barnacles! fanlisting

"The Endless Summer", a mini-episode of Spongebob

Tom Kenny, who voices Spongebob, discusses the "We Are Family" music video

Jean-Michel Cousteau's Ocean Futures Society

great information about Spongebob on

Geoff's site of Spongebob WAV sounds

brighten up your bill-paying with Checks in the Mail

Spongebob vs. Hulk

Backstage Pants Revealed


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Bob Esponja Web

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Spongebob trivia of all difficulty levels

more fan-created quizzes about Spongebob


by me

an article I wrote for PCbob's former Spongebob site

my review for the movie

by others

a press release for Shanghaied, the "You Wish" special (January 17, 2001)

TV We're Not Ashamed of Watching (November 2001)

Meet the Creative Genius Behind Spongebob (March 19, 2002)

Adults Find Their Inner Sponge (April 7, 2002)

Soak Up the Fun! (July 7, 2002)

He Lives in a Pineapple, but Then What? (November 7, 2004)

Eating Well: It'd Be Easier if SpongeBob Were Hawking Broccoli (January 12, 2005)